About Unizin

Creating the learning ecosystem for higher education in the 21st century 

The landscape of digital learning is changing rapidly. To help navigate that change, Unizin brings together like-minded Universities that are facing the future of digital learning and working together to direct the future of education, teaching technology and learning analytics. 

Unizin is a university-owned and directed consortium that currently is made of 12 leading research universities that aim to shape the future of learning ecosystems in the 21st century. This consortium is intent on making digital teaching and learning central to pedagogy by providing a dynamic ecosystem of content, systems and tools to facilitate this vision.1


How does the University of Minnesota Benefit

Unizin provides an ecosystem of tools and services to its members. As a member, the University of Minnesota can collaborate to guide the development of tools and services and take advantage of what other institutions learn in their own Unizin pilots to improve our own testing and adoption experiences. Operating as a group also provides a greater influence in negotiating better prices with vendors from whom we purchase technology. As Unizin collaborations mature, there will be more opportunities for faculty to share research and learning objects across institutions.  


History of Unizin at UMN

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Unizin Products

Unizin Products and Services Overview