About Unizin

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Since 2014, the University of Minnesota has been a member of Unizin, a consortium of research institutions that have banded together to better address the technological challenges and potential of digital teaching and learning in higher education. The consortium represents 900,000+ students and growing.

Unizin is not a traditional vendor; instead it is a non-profit supported by Unizin members: we are Unizin. All Unizin partners use Canvas, allowing member institutions to influence the production roadmap. Partner institutions in the Unizin consortium are working toward a common data infrastructure, common practices, and common standards supported by common values, and in doing so we are helping to shape the future of higher education.

How does the University of Minnesota Benefit?

Unizin provides an ecosystem of tools and services to its members. As a member, the University of Minnesota collaborates with Unizin peers,  guides the development of tools and services, and takes advantage of what other institutions learn in their own Unizin pilots to improve our own testing and adoption experiences.

Operating as a group also provides a greater influence in negotiating better prices with vendors from whom we purchase technology. As Unizin collaborations mature, there will be more opportunities for faculty to share research and learning objects across institutions.