Learning Analytics

The University of Minnesota is currently exploring how to develop the capability to leverage learning analytics on several fronts through our Unizin partnership. 2016-2017 projects include:

  • Determine if Unizin Snapshot dashboards are useful for students and faculty.
  • Testing Canvas integration with APLUS and determine if it can share data in the same way as Moodle.
  • Integrating Canvas data with learner data from existing University platforms, such as PeopleSoft and APLUS, to develop a proof of concept to create common data layer that may be queried to help with course and higher-level decision-making.  
  • Creating a central data warehouse for storage and access of data to help provide a more meaningful and complete view of interactions, progress, assessments and outcomes.
  • Determine the technical and policy questions or barriers for using data in a multi-institutional consortium format.
  • Pilot a solution, such as Tableau, to help rapidly visualize gathered data.

Analytics success story from Unizin

Common Data Layer Sponsor Team